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Joseph Delgado

We're a digital marketing agency based out of Arvada, Colorado called The Digital Specialist. 

Co-Founder Daniel Delgado

Our team produces strategic marketing content for local businesses with guaranteed success to help your company acquire new and reoccurring customers.
We do this by achieving an online presence through techniques mentored by the top digital marketers in the world. Using Social media platforms (such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Snap chat and Google) we take the burden of marketing and managing your social platforms off your shoulders. Our team specializes in website design, Landing pages, Facebook ads, pixel installment, sales funnels, Google PPC and search engine optimization, content creation and a lot more.



Social Media


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Marketing and getting more clients for your business is the life blood of a company. We help you establish a marketing plan made to dominate your competition in your area and niche market. We utilize Facebook, Instagram ads, and Twitter to expand brand awareness and build attention for your business. Attention follows money. The more you put your product out there, the more people you can put through your online sales cycle bringing them, from cold to hot clients.

Web Design

We create websites that are easy to use and fully compatible for your business. Either you are selling online or just marketing your local shop. Our team creates websites that are most efficient and optimized for your customers to work on any computer or smartphone device. 

Search Engine Optimization

Google and Pay Per Click (PPC)

SEO Allows you to show up at the top of the list for google listings when people look on the google map and search bar. We use organic methods to enhance your website using informatinal content like blogs and videos. Google is the most used search engine for finding the most websites. 


Brand Story

Creating a brand story for your business is essential for selling your product or services. It's your identity and what people recognize you with. We help establish your brand story to your consumers so they know who your company is and what you represent. Good examples of this are the GEICO lizard, and Chick Fil A "Eat more chicken" instead of cheeseburgers.

Sales Funnels

If you plan on selling products or services on social media without a sales funnel your making a huge mistake. The main reason of making a sales funnel for your business is to make the process of getting in contact with you or making the transaction online easier.Sales funnels make the online sales process convenient, helps build trust and easy to use for your customer and opens up opportunity for retargeting for the people who don't have the time in that moment to make that transaction.

Email and Text Message Marketing

Email marketing is a great way to send people offers, and discounts for people subscribed to your email list. The good thing about this you drive traffic from social platforms such as facebook and instagram and youtube to build a huge email list of people that are interested in your product or services. It's a good asset for your business to have and utilize. There's many ways to drive traffic to email list such as give aways or info products



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Let's Work Together

We would love to help you grow your business by reaching your clients before your competitors. Using social platforms, google, email marketing, and website optimization we create major foot traffic to your store, website traffic and brand awareness. 


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What good is having a website if you have no traffic going to it? Google Adwords is one of the best way to reach new customers, Because they created the concept of page-rank and control who and what shows up and the top of the list for products or services searched near you. You  can take advantage of this opportunity and leverage it to get more leads into your business